Email marketing for rental businesses

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How can rental companies make use of email marketing and what impact can be expected? Email marketing is now back in full swing. Done right, this method can be one of the more effective methods for increasing sales in 2023. Email marketing doesn't require a large investment and can provide a great return for every penny invested. So how do you go about it?

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Collecting email addresses

Collecting good quality email addresses is a key factor. There are several different ways to collect the email addresses of potential customers. We recommend testing a few different methods to find out what works best for your business. The main point of this method is to offer something of value to your target audience, so that they get something in exchange for giving you their email address. 

When we talk about something of value to your target audience, we mean knowledge you can share that they will benefit from. As a rental company, you have a lot of knowledge about the products you rent out and which equipment is suitable for which activities. This can be content in the form of: 

  • PDFs
  • E-books 
  • Videos
  • Webinar
  • Course
  • Demos
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System to store the contact details of customers

In order to collect email addresses, it is advisable to use a system that makes this clear and easy for you. We recommend using a solution that combines the following:

  • Allows you to set up tailor-made landing pages.
  • Allows you to set up contact forms on the homepage.
  • Make sure you familiarise yourself with the GDPR and ask for consent to contact those who leave their email address.
  • Can be integrated with an efficient system to store email addresses.
  • Can be integrated with solutions to drive communication to the target audience.


With the Sharefox rental system, for example, you can set up targeted landing pages to obtain email addresses. This is often combined with the email marketing tool Mailchimp so that you can use pre-built contact forms. In Mailchimp, you can store contact information and design great email campaigns, while getting useful statistics from the campaigns you send out. 


Learn more: Get a demo of the Sharefox rental system


Once you have collected email addresses according to GDPR regulations, you are ready to communicate with your potential customers. The visitors to your landing page have chosen to leave their email address because they have an interest in the content you have offered them for free. When you then choose to contact your customer, they have gained an insight into your knowledge and they trust you more as a serious player. The content you communicate with your customers and potential customers can be anything from product news, tips and advice from your field of expertise, or promotional campaigns. A good mix of these often produces the best results. 

Newsletters and upselling

Newsletters are an affordable and useful way to remind existing customers and potential customers that your service exists. Many companies have a list of past customers but have not taken advantage of this available opportunity. There can be a lot of undiscovered potential to drive additional sales.

To get started with newsletters, you can start by sending out quarterly newsletters. The content of the newsletter can include, for example, company news, new launches or useful blog posts. The rental company is an example of a company that uses this strategy. They produce blog posts with useful tips for their customers, such as what to consider before using a trailer. Read one of their blog post on what is important to consider when renting a trailer. Jernia which rents out tools to its customers, has also created a number of articles on various renovation tasks and what tools you need. See for example this article on how to build a terrace yourself.


Hope you found this article useful. We have also written about marketing for rental businesses in general. Read more: About marketing for rental businesses

Sharefox - a complete rental system

Sharefox rental software is tailor-made for rental companies. With Sharefox, customers can use Online Booking, your company can handle operations and inventory management, and you can conduct profitable email marketing and increase the number of rented products. 

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