Rental business? Get found on Google Search and increase your income

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Being found on Google Search is important for those who run a rental business. We have gathered some tips and advice on the subject of SEO.

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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. You've definitely heard about it before, but maybe you haven't quite figure out how to use it strategically? In our new update of the Sharefox rental platform, we've now made it easier for you to help your rental business to be great at SEO. This will give you more visitors on the website from Google and more customers for your rental service. In this article, we have gathered some important tips on how to optimize your homepage.

Which keywords should you choose?

Start by creating a list of important words for your rental business. These can be words you use in the industry or words your customers use. Each page on your website should be optimized for a unique keyword. This means that the same keyword should not be reused on multiple pages, but be unique for each page. Therefore, you'll need to find a keyword for each page on your website. A good tip is to base the words on which industry you are in and what products you rent out. 

Use Google search bar to check which relevant keywords pop up when you plot some of the words. Feel free to combine your keywords with the city you offer rentals in, this could be a way to get higher rank on Google. An example of a keyword for a rental business that rents outs lifts in the Norwegian city Halden is: Rent lifts in Halden. Some other examples may be kayak rental Fredrikstad or scaffolding rental Hamar.

Check what is actually being searched for

It is advisable to compare the keywords you are considering using, before deciding which words to optimize your website for. Google Ads not only needs to be used for advertising, but you can use the "keyword planner" which is a very useful and free tool. You can find it under scheduling in the menu Tools and Settings. Here you can check how many people actually search on your keyword per month and how much competition there is on this keyword. Google Trends is also a useful tool, here you can compare the interest in different search terms over time.

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Optimize your home page

Now that you've figured out which keywords you should use to optimize your home page, you'll need to start the technical work. The new update in the Sharefox Rental Platform makes it even easier to work strategically with SEO, making your rental company more easily found on Google and increasing your revenue.

Product pages, blog posts and main pages

With the Sharefox Rental Platform, you can simply post meta descriptions and metatitles on each product page, blog post, and main page. In addition, you can post titles and descriptions on videos and photos. If you choose not to enter meta description and meta title, Sharefox support team will post a section from your about us page. We still recommend doing this yourself and we have gathered some tips to write good texts:

  • Meta descriptions – Should be around 160 words. Here you describe the content of this specific page that applies to and mention the keyword you've chosen to focus on. You should write exciting descriptions, because it will make the reader want to click on your link. It's also a good idea to end the description with a Call to Action (CTA), such as: Read more, learn more, etc.
  • Metatitles – Is recommended to be at least 60 words. This is also a slightly shorter description of the content on the page. The keyword should be mentioned at the start of the title.
  • Multimedia – Enter the title and description of each photo and video. This is important when trying to get a good ranking on Google and is an important tool for the visually impaired. It is recommended to enter good and descriptive words, but also to mention your keyword.
  • Content on your Page – The keyword should be mentioned consistently in the text of the page you want to get higher up on Google. Headings like H1 and H2 should mention the keyword and different variations of the keyword in the content itself.


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Sitemap or page map (default sitemap xml file) maps the structure, sections and links on your home page. It makes navigation much easier and is important for the search engine to understand the homepage structure. This is therefore an important part of SEO. Sitemap is automatically generated using the Sharefox Rental Platform, submitted to Google and scanned by the search engine. This is done only when the page is published on its final domain. Once you've been working with search engine optimizing the content of your page, the Sharefox support team can help get Google to scan your page again.


All this you have access to as admin in the Sharefox Rental Platform. Do you also want to access this? Schedule a demo with us!
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