Uteguiden – spectacular guided tours with the right equipment

Rented out ski equipment
The Outdoor Guide offers a wide range of experiences all year round, from skiing and climbing to rafting, kayaking and cycling.

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Their goal has always been and will always be to offer unique experiences in the deep fjords and pointed peaks, and that also includes creating a great customer experience online. Making the booking process more efficient and having less administration was important, especially during the high season.


After implementing the Sharefox sports equipment rental system, they have managed to create a more efficient business, freeing up several hours a week to follow up with customers and focus on their hiking experiences.

Key features used

  1. Online bookings
  2. Product packages
  3. Pre-ordering and pre-payment
  4. Inventory management and tracking of orders

About the Tourist Guide

Uteguiden AS is the leading guide company in Northwest Norway and winner of Innovation Norway's Tourism Award.

Uteguiden was established by Oscar Almgren in 2012. Almgren is a highly recognized and profiled mountain guide and adventurer from Åre in Sweden. Almgren moved from Sweden to Stranda in 2009 and immediately saw the area's potential, based on previous experience with guiding and activities. The company is geographically located in Ålesund and Stranda, specializing in the spectacular Sunnmøre Alps. They combine guided tours with equipment rental to their guests.

Uteguiden offers tours and courses all year round to its customers. Join a guided tour, a spectacular mountain hike or rent a kayak, SUP, bike, skis and much more. 

The challenge

One of the challenges for the Outdoor Guide was the ability to build product packages that combine different variants, such as ski lengths and ski sizes. Previously, equipment rentals were only presented via a PDF. 

Uteguiden tested three different booking system providers before choosing Sharefox for the rental of equipment for the activities they offer. Creating a better customer experience, making the booking process more efficient and having less administration was important, especially during the high season.


Uteguiden has an inspiring website with great photos of the different activities they offer. Customers are presented with professional online photos of the rental equipment, product information and can book directly in a calendar. They also combine rental with upselling of both accessories and services. 

For Uteguiden staff, the system keeps track of all customers, equipment, orders and all payment transactions. With pre-booking and pre-payment, Uteguiden can focus on the delivery of equipment, security checks and just keep the "customer in focus". The use of a deposit reservation by credit card has also minimized the risk of the customer not "showing up" on time. They have secured coverage in case of equipment damage, allowing them to charge additional service fees from the deposit afterwards.


Less administration - more skiing

The tour guide immediately noticed the impact of having less manual work and follow-up. This efficiency has allowed them to free up several hours a week to follow up with customers and focus on the tour experience.

"We have scaled from a small guide business to a large outdoor company with three locations. The Sharefox sports equipment rental system has been an important part of our exclusive journey."
oscar-almgren outdoor guide
Oscar Almgren
Managing Director of Uteguiden
Outdoor guide rental of sports equipment
Outdoor guide for sports equipment rental 2

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