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Turnkey solution: WebSite with bookings and admin system for rental management

Booking portal for rental services
Rental Management

From scaffolds, lifts, construction equipment and machinery to tools and vehicles

Manage your rental of tools & machinery more efficient

There are often surprisingly many post-it notes, excel sheets and manual processes involved to keep track and coordinate rental operations. At the same time, it can be difficult to keep control on availability, alternatives for potential customers, order management, invoicing: – Is the equipment available? How does it work? What is the price? Where to pick up or deliver?

Our customers are managing a multitude of rental operations. All from lifts, scaffolds, excavators, construction tools, cars, trailers and heavy machinery. Sharefox is an All-In-One system for inventory management, integrated with an online booking and website. Sharefox inventory management prevents overbooking, tracks inventory status, availability and order management. Calendar, payment system, digital contracts, customer database and report module is just a few of the features and modules. The platform includes a complete frontend (WebSite with products and blog) with online booking and payment options such as invoicing for B2B.

Some of our customers

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Start renting mini excavators with Sharefox rental system

Mini excavators topped the search list on in 2021 - here you have 4 reasons to start renting out machines and equipment

“See the renovation trends for 2022! This is how you do the job yourself! ”. Does this seem familiar? We renovate and renovate like never before, and most of us do it ourselves or with the help of craft companies. Machines and tools that are rarely used otherwise are often used for these assignments. Do you have a lot of machines and tools that are not in use in your own projects? Then maybe you should consider starting a rental service?

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Some selected features

Rental company calendar overview

Calendar overview

Get a quick overview of when the equipment is to be delivered out and returned.

Rental, order and customer overview system

Order flow

With order register, you have a complete overview of all orders.

System for managing customers in the rental industry

Customer database

Searchable customer register gives you full details of history and purchases.

All-in-one platform - No coding required - Easy and fast to get started

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