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Booking system
Booking system

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Digital customer experience designed for rental

Our online store for rent contains a number of functions that suit rental companies in both B2C and B2B. With the booking system from Sharefox, you can, among other things, take prepaid, show availability in the calendar, manage the inventory for rent and make additional sales of accessories. You can also use marketing with activity guides for customers. Inspiration and a better customer experience increase the income of your rental business.

When digitizing the order flow, you get an overview of inventory, customer database, payments and sales. We offer the payment solutions NETS Easy with VISA, MasterCard, Vipps and Svisj in the Nordics. Stripe and Klarna (Q122). For rental companies with corporate customers, we have solutions for invoices.

Increased automation of online customer orders frees up time spent on coordination and administration - time that can be used to further develop the business. In addition, it provides valuable data for the further development of your rental and subscription services.

Completely set up digital customer journey

Content in the booking system for rent

Webshop built for rental management and bookings

Your Branded website for rental. The Sharefox software is used as part of your website, or as a complete website with online bookings, help pages and payment solution.

Accessories and extra sales

Add related rental products, accessories and use these opportunities to increase revenue.

Complete customer journey

A booking friendly website showing available capacity and accepting online payments. Digital receipts and contracts make handover easy.

Blog and marketing

Hijack the customer early by showing tutors and blogs, link them directly to your products and use it in your marketing.

Payment and transactions

Enter rental price, discounts, sales price, membership prices, gift card coupons and promotions. Create invoice, take prepaid, deposit and extra paid with card solutions.

Packaging and modules

Combine different products into packages, create variants and steer different products to different locations and fixtures.

Feature List

Digital customer experience designed for rental

With a website built for rental and an easy customer journey with a booking system, you can let your customers find you. Present your products and business in the best possible way.

Effective inventory management

Effective tools to manage your business. Own admin ingress panel where you have a full overview of your rental service, fully integrated with the customer portal and with effective routines save you time.

Scale with modules & add-ons

Sharefox booking system has several extensions and modules and against other third-party applications to put together their own services. Here are some examples.


The payment solutions we offer

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See some of the industries that use Sharefox booking system for rent

Sports & Recreation

Our customers rent out everything from canoes, kayaks, touring equipment, ski packages and leisure wear. Sharefox booking system helps you keep track, has calendar for in and out of order, prevents overbooking, has inventory tracking and includes order, calendar and customer register fully set up.

Tools & Machinery

Our customers rent out everything from lifts, scaffolding, and tools to cars, trailers and caravans. Sharefox booking system helps you keep track, has calendar for in and out of order, prevents overbooking, inventory tracking and includes order register, calendar and customer register fully set up.

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