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From kayaks and water sports, to bikes, ski equipment and clothing

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Surprisingly many still use excel sheets, email, and post-it notes to keep track. With Sharefox you get an all-in-one turnkey solution. It helps you increase revenue with digital bookings and reduce manual work by digitizing the order process, keep track of inventory and customers.

Our sport and leisure customers rent out everything from canoes, kayaks, bikes, ski packages, leisure wear and combine them with smart services. The system helps you keep track with a calendar for all orders, showing rental start and return, inventory control to prevent overbookings and tracks order statuses and inventory. Online booking with payments and a complete admin system with order, pricing, calendar, inventory and customer registry.

Are you in the bike rental business? Find out how the Sharefox rental system can make your life easier and more efficient.

Are you in the ski rental business? See how Sharefox's rental system can help your business achieve greater success.

Do you rent out kayaks? Learn more about how the Sharefox rental system can make your rental operations more efficient.

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How to start and run a rental service of sports equipment

As consumers, we have the same expectations for the customer experience when we rent something as when we buy something. Succeeding at a good rental service can be a demanding task, but the greater the gain with satisfied customers and good earnings when you succeed. Here are some tips on what to wear in sports rentals such as bicycles and water sports.

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Online shop for rental

Complete turnkey website or plug in

Complete booking portal or website with prepayment, product views and dedicated profile pages for your customers.

Online shop for rental companies

Inspire with blogs and articles

Create articles, add photos and videos and link directly to rental products. Perfect for content marketing.

Complete admin system

Complete system for orders with payment solutions, calendars, customer history and more.

All-in-one platform - No coding required - Easy and fast to get started

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