Tailor-made rental program

Rental program
rental program

Flexibility for your business and value chain

Single or multi locations - from retail to new rental services

Build your own rental service, ranging from short-term rentals to subscription solutions. We tailor your rental program, whether you're a startup, small business, run a chain of stores, have central warehouses, or offer home delivery.

By digitizing the order flow, you will get an overview of inventory, customers, payments and calendars. Increased automation of online customer ordering and digitizing manual processes free up time from coordination – time that can be used to further develop your business.

Complete tailor-made rental program

Flexibility for your business and value chain

All-in-one solution

Turn-key system with a website for your brand and an admin system to manage your orders. Sharefox provides an all-in-one system solution at low cost and fast implementation. The Sharefox team have background in building rental operations and will support and advice.

Latest technology

Take advantage of self-service solutions for keyless car rental, monthly payment subscription module or swap module for easy product switching.

Single shop or retail chain

Start a new service or upgrade your rental operation, either you run a single shop or a retail chain, we can scale with you. Get an overview of all orders, plan your operations and manage your inventory, all the way down to the individual stores.

Scale your business

Expand with multiple locations or connect applications such as BankID for customer verification, invoice module, Selv Service Gateway or additional integrations with existing systems.

Distribution, swaps and self-service solutions

Combine different distribution channels and tailor different lead times or pick up slots depending on the service ranging from PostNord for distribution, in shop to self-service solutions.

Flexible payment methods

Regular rental or subscription? Sharefox offers flexible pricing with day rates, weekly rates, discounts, membership prices or invoice module. Use coupons for gift cards and promotions with new solutions like subscription or Rent2Buy

Feature List

Digital customer experience designed for rental

With a website built for rental business and optimized for online bookings, Sharefox helps you increase revenue and improve customer service.

Effective inventory management

Effective tools to manage your business. Own admin ingress panel where you have a full overview of your rental service, fully integrated with the customer portal and with effective routines save you time.

Scale with modules & add-ons

Sharefox rental program has several extensions and modules and against other third-party applications to put together their own services. Here are some examples.

See some of the industries using the Sharefox rental program

Rental program

StartUps / New Rental Services

We provide StartUps and new rental companies with the latest technology. ShareFox enables a tailored solution for your new rental or subscription venture. Together we look at the possibilities of the specific industry and tailor the solution for you and your customers journey. E.g. we often see that self-service solutions are important in order to keep costs down and create good customer experience.

One of our customers offers car rental completely keyless with drop-point pickup and delivery using the Sharefox rental program, while together with another customer we have set up a subscription solution for clothing and children's equipment rentals. 


We provide a technology platform for retailers that combine rental services with sales. We have solutions for retail networks with unique inventory at shop level as well as rental concepts managed from headquarters but operated locally.

Our retail customers rent out everything in sports, machines and tools via the Sharefox rental program. Everything from individual businesses to larger retail chains in hardware. They use the Sharefox rental program to create better customer experiences and manage their rental business.

All-in-one platform - No coding required - Easy and fast to get started

Build your own rental business now.

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