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Technology platform for rental-based services

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Technology platform for new services

Rental-based business models

Sharefox technology platform connects a digital customer journey online and mobile, distribution network and administration system that enables new business models.

Build your own rental service with anything from short-term rentals to subscription solutions. We have solutions whether you are a startup, a larger businesses, have a chain of stores or central warehouses, or services based on home delivery.

A technology platform that enables new rental-based services

Managing rental service

Self-service solutions

The trend in retail and more places is self-service. Self-service at checkout at the supermarket, digital orders online, pick and pick up. 

Self Service can give you less administration and allow you to offer a better rental service at a lower cost.

Our technology platform can provide both a digital customer journey, management tools and registers.  An example of a service that has used our platform is self-service car rental completely without keys, with the app for opening a car and pick-up point.

New business models

The Sharefox platform enables different business models, ranging from regular rental, rent to buy, monthly subscriptions, sales transactions, additional accessories and more. New business models can be tested quickly and efficiently without heavy investments in IT development and with a short time-to-market. 

Subscription modules for product rentals are hot these days. Our technology platform runs for example subscription solutions for clothing-as-a-service with more than 600+ pickup points.

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