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Leonarden snowmobile rental

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Leonarden is an institution in Sâlen. Everyone knows Leonarden as both a leading outdoor shop and a rental company specializing in scooter rental. For three generations, they have lived in the mountains to serve the people all year round.

It all started as a petrol station on Sälfjällstorget, while today Leonarden consists of a modern facility with Cirkle K station, Yamaha Store with snowmobile rental, Yamaha workshop and a shop for outdoor life.

Leonarden has recently upgraded their rental system and has gone for Sharefox's rental solution. With the help of this system, their customers get an easier and more user-friendly way to rent out sports equipment, snowmobiles and book guided tours. In addition, Leonarden gets access to a management system that allows them to keep a better overview of their rental products. Instead of many telephones and emails back and forth, customers can now book and pay in advance, and with Sharefox admin, employees have full control over every single order and availability of inventory. As Leonarden himself says: See you on the mountain!

Leonarden rental system
Rent a snowmobile from Leonarden

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