Rent equipment from the Norwegian Tourist Association

DNT Kajak Rental Rental System

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The Norwegian Tourist Association/DNT has a unique position in our hearts. 

With over 500 cabins and thousands of annual activities, courses and tours, DNT helps us Norwegians experience Norwegian nature. In addition to guided tours and activities, you can also rent equipment you need for your activity, be it kayaking or skiing, sledding or cycling to the mountains. For a community actor like DNT, a rental offer is perfectly natural to offer its members and upcoming members. With the ShareFox Rental System, this has now become even easier for customers. Now you can book the equipment you rent in advance, and the tourist association has a better overview of each booking, availability and inventory. Just book and get out for a walk in our beautiful nature!

DNT Kajak Rental Rental System
DNT Kajak Rental Rental System
DNT Gjendesheim rental system
DNT Gjendesheim rental system
Do you want a demo of the Sharefox rental system? Get in touch with us!

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