Jernia is betting on rental with the Sharefox platform

The Jernia chain is testing a new service: Tool rental! Initially, the service was tested in selected pilot stores in Oslo. Jernia now offers a nationwide offer in 130 of their stores - in collaboration with the rental platform Sharefox.

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Rental as a growing service – provides access to new customer groups

In many areas, we are now experiencing a generational shift in the shopping experience. Technology makes products and services increasingly accessible. For the retail sector, it means an increased focus on loyalty and customer experience instead of just regular promotions, campaigns and fast transactions. The development of new services for the customer such as rental services, will play an increasingly important role in this picture.

Urbanisation and population growth also means we live on less square meters in smaller homes. The younger generation is increasingly less concerned with ownership, but rather prefer access to products, and there is an increasing environmental awareness among us that also influences retail.

Rental as a service is one of the steps one can make to adapt to the new trends to come. Rental allows you to take part in the circular economy and meet the expectations of a new generation of consumers. For Jernia, it was important to be at the forefront of this development.

A digital customer journey and customers in shop

For Jernia, an online digital booking for all customers, representing their brand and style was important. Customers can quickly make their orders online, immediately get an overview of what is available at all times and choose their local Jernia store to pick up the equipment. Such seamless order flow allows you to start the process digitally from home, get the customers into the store for pickup and return and build relationships by providing a good service experience in the shops.

Like the rental service Tooler.no , the networking possibilities are used in the software, where each store has its own inventory and then independently of the other stores in handling the inventory.

Meet the customer on her real needs

Jernia also uses the content marketing functionality within the software. Jernia has created user guides and blogs for customers who have simple projects at home. They use a combination of video, image and text in their blogs, and links directly to the rental products that can solve that exact problem for the customer. This allows Jernia to catch the customer attention already when they start reading up on the project or activity they are going to perform. 

With content marketing and organic searches on Google around the customer's issue, Jernia is already in the customer's consciousness. This helps build the customer base and loyalty over time. By linking it to services that solve the real needs the customer have, whether it is something needed for shorter or longer periods of time, Jernia is already well underway.

Try the service yourself on their website!

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