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Digital customer experience designed for rental

Our online store for rental contains an extensive number of features. With the Sharefox software, you can do online bookings and payments, view calendar availability, manage your inventory, and make additional sales of accessories and related rental products. The marketing module inspires your customers and increases the income of your rental business.

By fully digitalizing your rental flow, you can be on top of all orders, track your inventory, have an overview of customers and real time payments and revenue insight at all times. Increased automation of online customer orders also frees up time spent on coordination and administration – time that can be used to further develop your business. In addition, you collect valuable data for further development of your rental and subscription services.

Complete rental software system

Digital customer experience designed for rental

Webshop built for rental management and bookings

Your Branded website for rental. The Sharefox software is used as part of your website, or as a complete website with online bookings, help pages and payment solution.

Accessories and extra sales

Add related rental products, accessories and use these opportunities to increase revenue.

Online customer journey

A booking friendly website showing available capacity and accepting online payments. Digital receipts and contracts make handover easy.

Blog and marketing

Capture and convert more website visitors with inspirational content and guiding.

Payment and transactions

Advanced pricing module with discounts, retail price, gift cards, coupons and promotions. Make prepayments, deposits and additional payments with credit cards.

Packaging and modules

Combine different products into packages, create variants and allocate products to separate locations or inventory.

Feature List

Digital customer experience designed for rental

With a website built for rental business and optimized for online bookings, Sharefox helps you increase revenue and improve customer service.

Effective inventory management

Sharefox is a full toolbox for rental and inventory management. It combines a website for your customers and an all-in-one management system for handling your orders.

Scale with modules & add-ons

No business is alike, Sharefox offers several extensions and additional modules to adopt to your business. See examples below.


A technology platform for all industries

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Sports & Leisure

Our sport and leisure customers rent out everything from canoes, kayaks, bikes, ski packages, leisure wear and combine them with smart services. The system helps you keep track with a calendar for all orders, showing rental start and return, inventory control to prevent overbookings and tracks order statuses and inventory. Online booking with payments and a complete admin system with order, pricing, calendar, inventory and customer registry.

Tools & Machinery

Our tools and machinery customers are running rental operations on everything from lifts, scaffolding, excavators, tools, cars, trailers to heavy machinery. The All-In-One-system helps you with inventory management, prevents overbooking, tracks inventory and comes with order register, calendar and customer register. The solution also includes a complete frontend (Website) with online booking and payments or invoicing for B2B.

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