Bodø LiftUtleie is ready for the transition towards a more digitised industry

The website of Bodølift rental
Bodø LiftUtleie is a key rental business in the region. Bodø Liftutleie recently launched its digital booking service based on the Sharefox platform.

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"We have chosen to use Sharefox because we want to give our customers the opportunity to book whenever they want, and at the same time we want to have full control of operations via Sharefox admin. – Our goal is to provide an easy experience for the customers and use this extra time that we get for the more complicated assignments, says Preben Want CEO of Bodø Liftutleie.

As a rental business within tools and machinery, there is many who make a distinction between what customers can book themselves and book directly, and which machines that requires dialogue and advice. For the larger and more complex assignments, customers choose the desired period and the "send request" feature. Bodø LiftUtleie, like many other rental business, is good at advising its customers on choosing the right equipment for the more demanding assignments. When the standardised "milk and bread" products (such as trailers, mini-diggers and smaller lifts) are booked and ordered by the customers themselves, it will give you more time for counselling and support on the larger missions. This, together with various 24-hour self-service solutions, we believe in Sharefox that there will be more of this in the future. 

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