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Rental business? Have you tried email marketing?

How can rental companies take advantage of email marketing and what effect can one expect? Email marketing is now back to full. Done correctly, this method may be one of the more effective for increased sales in 2021. Email marketing does not require large investments, and can give a lot back for each invested penny. So how do you proceed?

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Circular Economy

The CIRCLE RACE HAS STARTED Under the title The Circle Race, sharefox and customers Jernia and Parkdressen were recently portrayed in the Saturday magazine of Finanavisen. Circular business models and reuse economics are a

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Case studies

Rental of cars

Carflex makes car rentals easier

Carflex is a self-service car rental concept where you can easily rent whenever you feel like it 24/7. Book your car online, use your mobile to open and close the vehicle. Carflex is a collaboration between Gjermundsen Auto, Selvaag Bolig and Micasa Parkering.

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The founders behind the rental company – Rental of trailers and scaffolds digitized

"Seamless and digital" was the vision the founders of Thommy Tellefsen and Andreas Bukhom had. is an entrepreneurial company with an exciting low-cost concept that can revolutionise the entire industry for home owners and professional scaffolding and lift rental.

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Subscribe for outdoor clothing for your toddler

For a small amount per month, you can rent a snowsuit, get it delivered and picked up in the kindergarden, and then swap the sizes as the child grows. The initiative is a collaboration between Parkdressen AS, Wenaas workwear and Norlandia kindergardens.

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