Bergans increases the life of parka suits with a subscription

The textile industry is adapting in several ways and increasing the focus on a circular economy. Bergans wants to increase the lifespan of each individual product and has this year launched a subscription solution for parka suits.

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Bergans of Norway is a leading player in the development of functional hiking equipment and technical clothing, and is known for their hiking equipment and high quality clothing. Since their inception in 1908, they have had a strong focus on innovation and in recent years have had an increased focus on the circular economy. Most recently, they won the award "Circular Company of the Year in 2022" for their good results in the transition to a circular economy and which have inspired others with their results. As part of the focus on circular economy, they have chosen to address the issue of children growing up and frequently changing sizes.

Based on this, Bergans has chosen to test subscription solutions with a desire to increase the lifespan of each product and offer a sustainable solution. They have now launched their new service with a subscription to parka suits , with sharefox as the underlying rental system.

Children grow quickly and often have to wear several parka suits during a year to the different seasons. It is often expensive to invest in expensive outdoor clothing for a short period of time. At the same time, it is important that the children have good clothes that keep them dry and warm, and that allow them to move freely so that they can develop. Subscribing to outdoor clothing can therefore be a solution that many can enjoy.

Bergans has developed a service that is both a simple solution for busy parents of young children and not least puts a lesser strain on the climate and the environment. By repairing the suits when needed between each rental period, and by having several people use the same product over longer periods, Bergans will extend the product's life. We at Sharefox are very proud to be able to help launch this service on the market. 

About Bergan's Parkdress subscription

The subscription costs 149, - a month per suit, and works by the customer ordering a parka suit in the desired size and color for their child. When the change of season comes or when the child has grown out of the suit, the suit is sent back and changed to the correct size and season to continue the subscription. This way, they always have a suit that suits the child and the season. In the meantime, Bergan repairs, washes and impregnates the suit, before sending it out to a new child. 

When Bergans was to launch their new service with a subscription to parka suits, they chose to use Sharefox's system for booking and administration. With the subscription solution in Sharefox, customers can easily subscribe to parka suits, change sizes and or manage the subscription via "My page". They also get a clear order system that helps them keep track of which parka suits have been rented to which customers and how many are available to new customers. As part of the collaboration, an integration has been made with Klarna , which together with Sharefox handles ongoing features and that the solution is integrated with Bergans' logistics and business intelligence systems. Sharefox's partner iCORE has been an important piece for this part of the solution.

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