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The development is clear – We need to make better use of our resources! We need a more circular economy where products are reused by more people and have a longer lifetime. In this picture, renting and subscription of products and services plays an important role. Sharefox has developed a technology platform that enables new models for both startups and established businesses.

Today, the younger generation is less concerned with owning products and rather prefers access over ownership. Today we have a higher environmental awareness in society, and climate change is forcing a larger shift. The technology has come a long way in many areas, but still rental as a business model is often characterized by many manual processes. There are many opportunities to create good customer experiences and efficiency using technology and data, transforming products into services. Our goal is to create the best customer experiences and contribute to an increase in rental-based models.

What does a business require in reality?

When we started up in 2016 we conducted over a hundred personal interviews outside shops and shopping centres. The question we asked shoppers were: What would it require for you to rent a product instead of buying it? The answers we received formed the basis for how we designed the digital customer journey.

We first built our own service around the rental of tools (see Tooler.no) in collaboration with 7-eleven to get experience. On Tooler.no you can book tools online and pick up/drop-off in local 7-eleven shops, or have it delivered at home.

Through our own experience with over 1,000 transactions, we created a unique insight into how to build a technology platform that follows the value chain and creates what we call customer focused and profitable rental experiences. 

The Sharefox technology platform is now used in a variety of industries, ranging from sports, tourism, machinery, tools, retail, to self-service car rental and subscription solutions.

7-Eleven tool delivery

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We are a team with a background in digital business development, recycling economy and technology. We are located at Nydalen Fabrikker in Oslo. 

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Åsgeir Helland

CEO Åsgeir Helland

Email: asgeir@sharefox.no

Tel: +47 90279664

Fred Kihle

CGO Fred Kihle

Email: fred@sharefox.no

Tel: +47 98238718

Sonya Nobel

Sales Manager Nordics Sonya Nobel

E-mail: sonya.nobel@sharefox.co

Tel: +47 46299884


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