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Turnkey software solution for rental services

Create a digital rental experience for your customers!  Streamline and manage your rental business or build brand-new services with Sharefox.

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Digital customer experience designed for rental operations

Increase your customer potential

Sharefox acts as an online store for rental. Sharefox handles everything from digital orders, payment, calendar with availability, inventory, and sales of accessories. Through blog features and activity guides, the software also helps you with marketing that increases revenue for your business.

Efficient rental management reducing manual handling

Save time and streamline your rental business

Do you want to get rid of the Post-It notes, Excel sheets or old school inventory management systems?

By digitizing your rental processes, you can spend less time managing, saving costs and being more present to the customer. With our technology, you have full control over where all units are and the status of any order. 

Digital calendar for rent
Rental program

For small and large rental businesses, from retail to new services.

Flexibility for your business and value chain

Build your own rental service with everything from short-term rentals to subscription solutions. Together we tailor your rental platform, whether you have a small business, a retail chain or a larger rental operation.

Sharefox rental system contains

Webshop built for rental management and bookings

Finished branded website or booking portal with calendar function, inventory status, help pages, digital contracts.

Marketing & Sales

Content marketing, blog feature, and Social Media help you increase your revenue and with upseling additional products

Flexible payments

Credit cards with deposit, prepayment, subscription, gift card, invoice or manual payment methods and discount structures.

Flexible distribution

Simple online store, several locations, self-service, see available times in calendar.

Inventory rental management

Dashboard, reports, customer system, order management, product overview, inventory control, calendar, ++

Scale your business

BankID for verification of customers, Youtube, Vimeo, Google, Facebook, self-service portal, Google Analytics.

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All-in-one platform - No coding required - Easy and fast to get started

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